lundi 27 mai 2013

English Heritage

If most of you have no idea what to do when, or if you go to England, I would recommend an overseas pass with English Heritage. English Heritage is one of the most known tourist attractions in England, mostly because they own near 400 tourist attractions, but also because of the amazing prices. They give a full description of the place you're visiting, along with descriptions in each room and object which is in the room.

One of the most beautiful, and my personal favorite attraction when i was visiting would have been Dover Castle. Along with the amazing views, medieval section, which went underground, and a little section on the war of what had happened there, it also had a full description, along with a tour guide to show you everything specifically.

Although Dover castle seems like an interesting place that you could go through in one full day, it takes two days, at least, without reading every little detail.

mercredi 22 mai 2013

My Beautiful English Life

This is my beautiful english life. Although I am canadian, and live in Canada. My father is british and we travel to england quite often. I have so many fond memories there, from my second birthday, to 2012, and i'm going to share those memories with you. Along with my favorite tourist attractions, what google says is the top ones, and a background of England. 
Cheerio xx